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 OMIT Headcare is a new age of haircare....a chemical-free, all-natural, cruelty-free, hair and scalp care range, created by an award-winning hairstylist, naturopath and doctor.

When the scalps natural microbiota is compromised, concerns such as thinning hair, dry flaky scalp, dandruff and excess head oils can occur. Though common, these conditions are largely misunderstood and mistreated. The qualified team behind OMIT Headcare intend to change this.

It’s a fact that nurturing your scalp to its best condition possible leads to great looking hair.

Take care of your scalp and healthy, fuller looking hair will follow.

Instead of using harsh chemicals with an antibacterial approach of “killing everything”, these all- natural products

OMIT the bad and leave only the good.

Joe Ribera, OMIT Headcare Creative Director, award winning stylist, was instrumental in creating this coveted product range, with an all-natural formula being non-negotiable to the entire team.

He explains: Many of my clients express their concerns about hair loss, dandruff and oily hair. With so many other hair companies focusing on the health of the hair alone, I found that the scalp is often overlooked. We want to offer a solution to the large numbers of people for whom scalp health is the root of the problem (Pun intended!).”

Most scalp care brands on the market offer clinical product solutions that contain numerous harsh chemicals. We created a safer natural alternative to scalp care without the chemicals. There are very few brands that offer natural alternatives to help combat dandruff, oily and thin hair. We aim to change thatcontinues Joe.


Each microbiota-friendly product is expertly formulated to support the growth of healthy hair by rebalancing the scalps ecosystem, allowing it (and your confidence) to thrive in todays modern world.

The plant based formulas contain the highest quality natural essential oils and organic antioxidants, hand-selected for their ability to help stimulate hair at the roots and gently cleanse and moisturise to decrease excess oils and prevent dry flaky scalps and dandruff.

OMIT Headcare is designed for the eco-conscious person who is mindful of what they put onto their body and their impact on the earth.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body, absorbing anything we apply to it. Not only are chemical laden products absorbed into our blood stream but they also enter our oceans through our drains, impacting marine and plant life.

OMIT products are safe, natural and treat the environment with the upmost care and respect. Certified Australia made, cruelty free and vegan, and containing 100% natural & organic ingredients, OMIT is the Head Care you never knew you needed.