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Australian Made & Owned


Great hair starts with a healthy scalp 


OMIT Headcare is a natural and organic, hair and scalp care range, expertly curated by an award-winning hairstylist, naturopath and doctor.

Just like with face and body, your scalp has skincare needs, too.

That’s why our haircare range is formulated to care for your whole head as well as treating everything from dryness and dandruff to oily scalps and hair loss.

Australian made & owned OMIT contains high-quality Natural & Organic ingredients that not only nourish your hair and scalp but also care for the environment.

- Growth Range -

OMIT GROWTH SPRAY contains natural active ingredients that support the growth of healthy hair, whilst maintaining the scalps natural microbiome. This Trio has been expertly formulated to support and increase the growth of healthy, strong hair. 


- Dandruff Range -

Exfoliate the scalp with our Award Winning Head Scrub to remove dead skin cells and product build-up, creating a pathway for new healthy hair. Use This trio for healthy, dandruff-free hair.





How Are We Different?

Think Probiotics For Your Hair

Just like your gut, your scalp has a complex array of microorganisms responsible for keeping your hair healthy which is known as your "scalp microbiome". 

Why does microbiome friendly matter?

Your scalp microbiome plays a big part in the health of your scalp and the hair that grows from it. When this is compromised, scalp concerns such as hairloss, dandruff and scalp sensitivity can occur leaving your hair looking dull, dry and lacklustre.

The good news is we can help!

OMIT rebalances the ecology of the scalp microbiome using clinically-proven ingredients, which target the cause, not just the symptoms. 

Don't strip away your good bacteria with other chemical laden haircare products, instead use Australia's first microbiome friendly haircare range to OMIT the bad and leave only the good.


NEVER LETTING GO OF THIS PRODUCT! I don't usually leave reviews, but I think Head Spray is definitely deserving of one...! I have very fine hair which is difficult to style because it is limp and gets greasy quite quickly. In the past, volumising products have either given me a tonne of flyaways, or felt very heavy. I've been using Head Spray for about 2 weeks now and I can't get my head around how immediate the improvement was. The exhasperating combination of greasy roots and dry tips I've always had has somehow reduced and become more uniform. Not only has manageability improved when styling, but my hair is smoother and shinier - even well into the second day after washing (previously unheard of for me!). Maybe I've written an essay instead of a review, but I can't stop singing praises for this range!

Maria T.

Love that it helps with dandfruff from product build up and is pretty easy to use!

Nikita B.

I've been really impressed with the progress so far, since using Omit. I have a sensitive scalp, so the fact that it's a natural solution is a bonus. I've found the products to be really nourishing for my head and hair and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. They've definitely a loyal customer in me.

William O.

LIFE CHANGING... Gives my head a really deep clean. Reduced psoriasis on the back of my head. Overall really good product! Really like that it’s all natural stuff.

Giovanni I.

BRILLIANT! My hair has never felt or looked healthier. Love the smell of both the shampoo and conditioner too. Highly recommend.

Charlie M.

Theses Products are great, smell and feel awesome the cold tingly feeling after the conditioner and spray really makes my scalp feel refreshed. Great products

Theo P.