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Some Important Questions

Can chemicals found in haircare affect my hair and health?

Lathering up with toxic, chemical-laden products can affect your health, leading to issues including sub-fertility, skin conditions and hair loss. Using natural and organically derived products are a necessity to obtain a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Are OMIT's ingredients natural?

Yes we are, you won't find chemical ingredients in our range.

Do you test on animals and are your products vegan?

No, absolutely not. We are cruelty free certified and yes, all our products are vegan.

Can I use Headcare shampoo and conditioner every day?

Absolutely! Our products are safe and effective to wash and condition your hair everyday. They have a pH balance of 5.5 (which is optimal for your scalp) and do not contain harsh chemicals so they will not strip your hair of natural oils.

Can oily hair cause hair problems?

An oily scalp is often associated with unhealthy hair and potential hair loss. Excessive sebum production is a sign of inflammation and when the hair follicles are inflamed, hair growth is slowed and the hair produced is weaker in structure.

Rebalancing and restoring the normal microbiome of the scalp will resolve inflammation, decrease sebum production and form the foundation for healthier fuller hair.

What is microbiome friendly?

By avoiding use of harsh chemicals which strip the scalp of it's natural balance, microbiome friendly products support and maintain the delicate habitat of organisms which are required for growth of healthy hair.

If I'm losing my hair, are your products beneficial?

All of our active ingredients support the growth and health of your scalp and your hair. Using our products will lay the foundation for a healthy head of hair.

Can your products be used in conjunction with medical hair loss treatment?

Yes, our products are all natural, they are great to use in conjunction and will provide a extra level of support.

How does dandruff affect my hair?

Beyond the poor aesthetics, dandruff is actually a sign of poor scalp health which ultimately will affect the rate and quality of your hair growth.

Why do I need a scalp exfoliant?

Scalp scrubs are an essential tool for combating dandruff as they remove product build up, oil and dead skin cells from your scalp creating a pathway for new healthy hair. Also great after a fresh fade for extra smoothness and helping to prevent ingrown hairs.

When should I avoid using your products?

If you have any open wounds, pre-exisiting skin conditions and/or known allergies, we always advised visiting your doctor or dermatologist before changing any body care routine. Furthermore, if any irritations occur during use of our products, discontinue and please see your health professional.


OMIT Headcare values honesty and transparency. Please contact us if you have any further questions or suggestions.