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When you think about protecting the health of your hair, the first thing that comes to mind may be simply to switch to using a "natural and organic" hair product. Yes this is one aspect, however it shouldn’t end there. 

Instead, have you ever thought about protecting your scalps microbiome.. Your micro-what?! We hear you say! Your microbiome. This is a fancy word for the bacteria living on your scalp and all over your body. It is commonly referred to in reference to “the gut microbiome”, however did you know that your scalps microbiome is JUST as important!

Your scalps microbiome contains both “good” and “bad” types of bacteria. And just like your gut, when the scalps “bad” bacteria outnumbers the "good" bacteria, this imbalance can silently wreak havoc on your hair and scalp causing dandruff, oily hair and even hair loss!

So what causes this imbalance?


Sulfates are aggressive detergents made of sulfur-containing mineral salts. The most common are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). These nasty ingredients commonly cause skin irritations, scalp sensitivity, weaken the hairs follicles leading to hair loss and also strips your hair of its natural oils.



Standard conditioners contain silicones derived from plastics such as Dimethicone and Dimethiconol which create a synthetic shine to cover the damage left by the sulfates (see where we’re going with this!). They create an added layer/barrier to your hair strands weighing the hair down, making it limp, lifeless and dull. This barrier also prevents nutrients and moisture from penetrating the hair shaft, which over time can cause the hair to weaken and break.

Synthetic Fragrance 

Many companies don't reveal their secret 'herbs and spices' so to speak and synthetic fragrances fall into this same category. What even is fragrance anyway?? Fragrances or Parfum are compounds made up of thousands of petroleum based chemicals also known as Phthalates. These compounds are commonly found in skincare and haircare products, even the ones you love will eventually upset the balance on your scalp. They have been linked to conditions such as scalp sensitivities, irritations, allergic reactions and even hairloss. 

So how do we protect your head?

OMIT Headcare contains a patented Rosebay extract which is a multifunctional ingredient clinically proven to re-balance the scalps microbiome, resulting in reduced appearance of dandruff and a dry flakey scalps, as well as regulating the overproduction of oils and an oily scalp. 

Through using microbiome friendly haircare products such as OMIT Headcare your scalps microbiome will begin to heal itself. Within only the few washes you will notice common hair symptoms such as dandruff, oiliness, itchiness and hairloss disappear. You’ll need to wash less often and your hair will feel stronger, look shinier and thank you for it!

A Happy biome equals Happy hair.