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Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?


Stress. It affects each and every one of us. Unfortunately our modern day ways of living has made experiencing stress unavoidable. Some symptoms of stress are more obvious, such as trouble sleeping and anxiety. But did you know that stress can also cause hair loss


    How does stress cause hair loss?

    One of the main reasons stress is linked to hair loss is that it can increase your body’s production of adrenaline, a stress hormone. Adrenaline can then be converted in cholesterol, which is capable of raising your body’s level of testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone that impacts hair growth and in both men and women high levels of testosterone may affect the hair growth cycle resulting in hair loss and thinning.

    Stress at times can lead to poor meal choices and/or skipping meals resulting in improper nutrition impact on your hair health which may lead to thinning hair and hair loss. Iron deficiency, low protein intake and consuming too few calories can cause this unwanted hair loss.

    Stress can also reduce your immune system, making us susceptible to illness and just as your diet affects your hair health, so does your physical well-being. It’s often thought that illnesses such as flu, high temperatures and systemic infections may trigger hair loss up to 3 months later. Sudden and unexpected hair loss can signal an underlying medical condition. If you do have any concerns please do contact a medical professional who can best advise you on this. 

    Can you see immediate hair loss from stress?

    Stress won’t necessarily cause instant hair loss as it usually begins between 6-12 weeks later due to the hair growth cycle.


    How long does it take for your hair to grow back after a stressful incident?

    The total hair loss and re-growth cycle often lasts around 6 months. 3 months for the signs of thinning due to stress to show and then 3 months for the hair to start growing back and returning to it’s normal thickness.


    How do I get my hair to go grow back faster and thicker?

    To help those of you who do have thinning hair concerns, we have developed our 'Growth Spray' containing Clinically Trialled natural ingredients. Infused with Black Oats Extract to moisturise your scalp, it also contains Great Burnet Extract which prolongs the hair growth cycle (keeping your hair on your head longer) and Saw Palmetto Extract which inhibits DHT which is caused by testosterone.

    The Growth Spray contains all the same Extracts that our Shampoo, Conditioner and Head Scrub contain but in much larger concentrations to really wake up the hair follicles.

    If you’re looking for an extra boost, you can also try our Volumizing Head Powder which gives thinning hair the volumising boost it needs. Designed to give the hair fullness and body without weighing it down.